"Since 1984, we have taken the initiative to provide genuine therapeutic services for adult male offenders who wish to change their lives for the greater good."


Moana House is a well-established residential therapeutic community for adult male offenders who want to change their lives. Many of our residents may also have a history of alcohol and/or drug abuse. We wish to provide a supportive family environment and a safe place to change.

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A long term (12 months) residential programme which offers

  • Professional Group Therapy

  • Recreational Experiences

  • Work Skills & Training

  • Life Style Skills

  • Organisation & Motivation Skills

  • A strong cultural commitment throughout the whole programme



Professional and friendly help in a respectful environment. You will be affirmed, challenged, confronted and supported. We will provide quality food and a comfortable living environment for you.



Honesty, Motivation, Responsibility, Commitment and of course, Hard-Work!



We are reachable via phone call, letter, email or simply click here 



Email: info@moanahouse.org.nz

Telephone: (03) 477 - 0842

Website: Click here to make a referral


Frequently Asked Questions

What about finances?

You will be on a Work and Income New Zealand benefit while you do the programme. The majority of this goes to Moana House for board, and you are entitled to a personal allowance. Out of this you will pay child support, fines and reparations, and any hire purchase or other outstanding debts. This is another area of your life that you are expected to take responsibility for. Staff will be able to assist you with this initially.

Can I leave before I have finished?

If you decide that the programme is not for you, and decide to leave before you have finished all the stages, then you will not be barred from re-applying at a later date, when you feel more ready to undertake the work. However, there may be consequences of you leaving in relation to your sentencing requirements.


To be eligible to attend the Moana House Programme you must be an adult male of 17 years or over, with an offending history. It is not necessary to be referred through an agency - referral may be made by self, or family and friends, through Community Probation, the Courts, Prison Services, or Community Alcohol and Drug Services. We will also accept men who are undergoing Opioid Substitution Treatment.



Moana House does not consider men for admission who are in the following categories:

  • Under 17 years of age.

  • Have outstanding not guilty pleas

  • Have an active psychotic illness

  • Have a history of sexual offences against minors

  • Currently on a sentence of Preventitive Detention