Here at Moana House we take our responsibility seriously in relation to the promotion of whanau contact  and whanau wellbeing. We use an approach where staff, the resident, and whanau and/or support people are responsible for making any contact as safe and as healthy as possible.



What is Whanau Ora?

Whanau Ora is a way of including a resident's family in their journey forward in a healthy and supportive way. It is often important to see the individual in the context of their whanau. At Moana House we have two Whanau Ora workers whose roles are to support the resident and their family to enhance whanau relationships, health and wellbeing.

The Whanau Ora workers, together with the resident’s Key Worker, will assist the resident with individualised goals and plans in relation to the wellbeing of their family. The Whanau Ora workers will connect with family members to assist in implementing plans and support the resident and whanau through their journey together. This contact may be via phone calls, text messages, emails, and visits to the House.


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As whanau, how can you be involved in the Programme? 

How can your family member be contacted?