As whanau, how can you be involved in the Programme? 

Moana House encourage family to become involved in the Programme. However, we also have to respect our residents’ rights to privacy – this means we cannot share information with whanau if the resident does not wish so. Throughout the Programme, the resident will identify whanau members they view as being important to them within their recovery process and for their future. The Whanau Ora worker will assist them with personal goals to enhance whanau relationships and together will engage with whanau to work towards achieving positive outcomes. Communication by the Whanau Ora worker with whanau may include phone calls, text, emails, or planned whanau visits. 

Whanau are able to visit their family member at Moana House however this must be arranged well in advance with Moana House staff. This may be for an afternoon or for a longer period of time. The resident, their Key Worker and Whanau Ora worker will complete a Safety Plan for each visit which includes identifying possible risk factors, special requirements of whanau and entertainment activities. 

Please note: It is important that whanau best support their family member by respecting the kaupapa of the Programme and allow their family member to have ‘a real chance’ to change. We have had some problems in the past with family members having supplied cigarettes, explicit or pornographic material, drugs or cell phones to residents. Such breach of rules has serious consequences and has led to residents being recalled to prison. If you have any questions about what you should or shouldn’t bring to the whare when you visit, please contact the Whanau Ora worker. 


How can your family member be contacted? 

Residents are able to phone whanau/support people when they are in the Programme. The purpose of contact with whanau is discussed with the resident, their Key Worker and the Whanau Ora Worker in the early stages of their Programme. Maintaining contact with whanau needs to be purposeful, positive and seen to enhance their recovery in a meaningful way. Residents request phone calls to their whanau via a daily process and are able to make toll calls by using a ‘Cheap Chat’ phone card. As the men have a full programme throughout the day, the best time for phone calls is usually in the evening. The men are able to receive letters from their whanau.


Gifts are not encouraged other than if it is a special occasion, such as a birthday or Christmas. Even so, this is asked to be something that will be useful for your family member (such as an item of clothing). If you are uncertain of how you can best support your whanau member or what items are suitable for them to have, please speak with Moana House staff who will be able to assist you further.